Worship and Prayer Ministries

Pet Blessing

Blessing of the Animals occurs on a Saturday of Souls after the Divine Liturgy (usually in March.)  You are invited to bring your pets on a leash or in a pet carrier.  The prayers are chanted outside.  Cat and dog treasts will be served.  Check the church calendar for exact date.  If you would like to help Father Anthony organize this event, please let him know. 


New members are welcome to join our growing choir.  Contact Tammy Andros for more information.

Choir members gather for a short rehearsal before Liturgy on Sundays from 9:00 to 9:45 AM.  Evening rehearsals are announced in advance.

Hymn of St. Philothea pdf

Prayer Ministry

It is most important that we activily seek the prayers of our eucharistic community as one Body in Christ.  There are many and beautiful ways to pray together and for one another.  We have a vibrant online prayer group (details below) that we encourage you to join.  We chant the Parakleseis to the Theotokos on rotating Wednesday nights and you may submit names to be added to the supplications.  Orthodox tradition invites you to submit names to Fr. Anthony for commemoration at the Proskomidi (preparation of the Divine Gifts), or to schedule a memorial service for the deceased.  You may also bake the Prosforon or make the Koliva to go with your prayer requests.  In the New Year, Fr. Anthony does house blessings and you may sign up to be added to the schedule.  Confession is available by appointment with the priest or with visiting priests.  Contact Fr. Anthony. 

St. Philothea Prayer Group

The community of St. Philothea has an online prayer group where members post prayer requests and offer up intercessions and prayers for those needs.  We see miracles every day through the power of our prayers for each other!  To join go to following address and submit a request to be added to the email listserve for the St-Philothea-Prayer-Group at googlegroups.com

St-Philothea-Prayer-Group St-Philothea-Prayer-Group's profile photo