Orthodox Christian Fellowship

OCF (Orthodox Christian Fellowship) is a pan Orthodox ministry for college students. Here at the University of Georgia we have a very active and accomplished chapter. Lead by Father Anthony and assisted by Mike and Kate McClain, the students gather once a weekly either at the church hall or at someone's home for a home cooked meal or on campus.  Every Thursday, at the UGA Tate Center,  Fr. Anthony sets up his easel and paints icons from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM every Thursday and is available to anyone who wants to talk to him.  Often our OCFers bring their lunch and lively and inspiring conversations ensue! 

Often the discussions center on issues concerning Orthodoxy in our culture and how to live a life in Christ in a secular world. College students are faced with many new personal challenges, are experiencing many new ideologies and philosophies, and are spreading their wings to new heights of maturity. It is also a time for them to reexamine their personal commitment to Christ and transform the faith of their parents into their own personal expression. OCF is there for them on many levels-- educationally, sacramentally and socially. OCF is also a witnessing presence on campus for those who are seeking a deeper expression of their faith and who are interested in learning about Eastern Orthodoxy and the Early Church Traditions of Christianity. Fr. Anthony is a long time member of the CMA (Campus Ministers Association) and OCF is a recognized campus organization.
Some of our annual activities include:

  • Work Daze Weekends at the Diakonia Center
  • Campfires and dinners at Father Anthony's Home
  • OCF Real Break Mission Trips
  • College Conference  -  during Christmas Holidays
  • Serving meals at the homeless shelter
  • Dancing at the Greek Festival
  • Being a part of the St. Philothea Family

See Calendar for this month's schedule of events. Contact Fr. Anthony to be added to the OCF listserve.