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Coffee Hour Schedule


revised January 2022


We ask everyone to take a turn hosting Coffee Hour once or twice per year.  It is important to keep it simple so that costs and effort don't overwhelm you.  Please do not feel compelled to bring extra or fancy things because your time to set up and clean up is so important to this weekly ministry.  A simple snack with a hot beverage and easy clean up is the goal.  Here are some helpful tips for you when you host.

OUR COFFEE HOUR MENTOR is Presvytera Christine - 706-340-6366 or

  • If your date works for you let me know ASAP
  • If your date does not work for you let me know ASAP
  • If later you need to change your date let me know ASAP
  • --- I will switch and swap so everyone is happy.
  • If you have other questions or concerns - let's talk about it.
  • If you would like to be called on as a PINCH HITTER when we need a host let me know that too.
  • Host provides creamer, tea bags and a simple snack. The Church provides the coffee, coffee cups, stirrers, napkins and sugar.  
  • Snacks should be finger food.  We want to avoid using plates and cutlery. 
  • Lenten Snack ideas: Oreos, Fig Newtons, Vanilla Wafer Cookies, Bananas cut in half, grapes cut in bunches, 
  • Optional items:  gluten free cookies, cold beverages, and fruit that can be eaten with your hand. ( forks)
  1. Arrive at 9:30 am to set up and stay after until all clean-up is done.
  2. Snacks: Put out snacks you brought and/or ones that we have in the freezer - just go in and look around.
  3. Set up the Coffee Station on the "bar" as follows: 
    1. Supplies are in the 2 beige metal cabinets:  cream, sugar, stirrers, napkins, tea bags, thermos with hot water
    2. Coffee Cups - roll out the blue racks and also place one an empty rack somewhere nearby to collect the dirty cups for running through the dishwasher.  Note that the dirty cups should be collected upright in the rack and then flipped over back at the sink area to avoid making messes.
    3. Wooden Pedestal is stored under the sink and next to the coffee percolator and is used to elevate the urn.
    4. Turn on the dishwasher-  push the switch located on lower right side and then pull the door down so it activates the fill and heat cycles.
  4. Make the Coffee* - don't worry! a Coffee Hour Support Person will do this for you.
  5. Clean Up
    1. Wash the coffee percolator and put back.
    2. Put all unused supplies back -- Please follow the labels on the edge of the shelves to put things in the right spot.
    3. Collect the coffee cups and put them face up in the empty blue racks and take them to the dishwasher area.
    4. Flip the cups face down and slide the racks into the dishwasher and pull the door handle down.  It will stop automatically.  Repeat.
    5. You can use the flat racks to wash other items in the dishwasher.
    6. The OCF students or Presvytera will often help with the dishwasher if you don't know how.
    7. Leave the serving tables “dressed” with the floor length tablecloths and plastic covers.
    8. Wipe down the round tables and line chairs up nicely -- 2-2-2-and-2 (in pairs around the round tables)
    9. Take the trash to dumpster out back
    10. Sweep up any big messes.  Brooms and dustpan are near the back door.
  • SHARE THE CARE --- Your time offered to set-up, monitor the tables, serve and clean-up is very important!

  • The simpler the snack the simpler the clean up!

  • Hall Rental Readiness – we want to leave the hall clean and tidy because Barb shows it to prospective renters during the week.

  • If everyone hosts once or twice a year then everyone gets to enjoy coffee hour for 50+ Sundays!


Check your hosting date:  Coffee Hour Schedule


* Making the Coffee (only if you want to)

    1. Fill the percolator with water to the desired level based on attendance (see line markings for 25 cups, 35 cups, 45 cups, 55 cups). 
    2. Measure the Coffee - Use 1 brew bag per 10 cups of water (no filter is necessary if you use the bags). 
    3. Set up the Percolator - Place the brew basket and stem in the percolator, secure the lid and put it out on the wooden pedestal. DON'T PLUG IT IN YET
    4. WAIT UNTIL 10:30 TO PLUG IN PERCULATOR. It takes 40-50 minutes for the coffee to brew so plan to plug it in around 10:30 AM
    5.  Ask a "CHRSP" (Coffee Hour Support Person) to help you:  Sarah, Presvytera, Alan, Georgette, Maddy, Tim