Please see the SUNDAY DIAKONIA CHART for the hosting schedule


  • If you need to change your hosting date contact LEEANN LoCICERO (678) 316-8461 Rotation is usually once every 10 months and your offering keeps this vital ministry strong 52 weeks of the year! If you prefer not to host please let LeeAnn know.
  • Church will provide coffee, sugar, powdered creamer and cups, stirrers (and plates if nec.) Host will provide snack and cold beverages and labor.  Below are some guidelines

Lynn Manzione will help you but you are responsible for the following:

  • Arrive at 9:30 am to set up, then plan to stay until clean-up is all done.
  • Lynn will make the coffee and at 9:50 she will go into church for the start of Liturgy.
  • Set up the serving tables, tablecloths, coffee supplies, paper goods and snacks
  • Monitor the Tables – help the children pour drinks, keep table tidy.
  • Clean up
    • Wash platters, coffee urn, utensils and other equipment and help put things away
    • Clear and wipe down the tables
    • Sweep up
    • Take out the trash
    • The OCF students or Presvytera will wash the ceramic coffee mugs
    • Leave the tables “dressed” with the floor length table cloths and clear plastic cover.
    • Hall Rental Readiness we want to leave the hall clean and tidy because Barb shows it to prospective renters during the week.

SNACKS--- “KISS” – keep is simple (and economical).  We want the hosting duty to be manageable for everyone, therefore a simple snack to enjoy with a cup of coffee is best.  While all offerings are welcome and blessed, the "simple offering" keeps expectations balanced and ensures that participation of everyone.  

  • There will be a few boxes of desserts from the local supermarket available to supplement what you bring
  • Cookies are perfect. Lenten cookies include: Oreo, Fig Newtons, Van. or Choc. Wafers.
  • Optional: Fruit (i.e. bananas cut in half or grape clusters) and gluten-free selections. 
  • Please avoid bringing cakes or foods that need plates and forks.
  • Please avoid bringing chips and pretzels that tend to get messy


  • Bring a cold option such as milk, juice, powdered drink mixes. *Please remember to take them home when you leave.
  • Half-n-half or flavored creamers and herbal teas are optional.

LABOR---“Share the Care” --- Your time offered to set-up, monitor the tables and clean-up is very important!   Lynn and Elton, oversee this ministry every week with much joy and love, but they need the host’s help every week to keep it going. 



To check your hosting date, please see the SUNDAY DIAKONIA CHART for the full schedule.