St. Philothea Live Streaming


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You will need to Subscribe to the St. Philothea YouTube Channel  &  Click on the YouTube Notification Bell | Surreal Memes Wiki | Fandom to get notifications of next live streaming worship service.


--NOTE: This link will take your to our "channel" and the next live stream will only be visible 5 to 10 minutes before the service begins.  If you don't see it, please wait and hit refresh and it will appear.


Prayer & Worship in the Archdiocese

GET THE TEXTS: AGES/Digital Chant Stand

How to follow all the liturgical texts on AGES/Digital Chant Stand   

  • Select Daily Services by Date  then select the date and service you want
  • Then select the format and language option that you want. PDF format is just the texts. Text/Music format has the musical scores and audio. Language options are (EN) English only or (GR-EN) side-by-side Greek/English. 
  • Note you can make the font bigger on the Text/Music format by clicking the + at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Note that you can print the PDF format out
  • Note that you can call Presvytera 706-340-6366 if you are having any trouble ;-)
  1. WATCH LIVELive broadcasts of services from around the Archdiocese
  2. WATCH LIVE: Metropolis List of Live Broadcasts of Church Services 

  3. MOBILEDownload the Daily Readings App

  4. ON YOUR TV:  Download the GOARCH app for AppleTV, Roku, and Amazone Fire

  5. PRACTICAL GUIDE:  For Participating in Church Services that are Live Streamed